In this episode, I chat with life coach, author, and influencer Jordan Bach about how we can live a grounded and fulfilling life in the midst of our current chaotic culture. 

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In this episode, I talk with Paul Raushenbush, senior vice president, editor of Voices on Auburn Seminary in New York, and the founder of HuffPost Religion. In this conversation we cover a lot of ground, beginning with Paul's unique vocational path and then discussing how progressive people of faith can amplify our voices for justice in the 2020 election. 

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In this weeks episode, I chat with Rev. Dr. Mark DeYmaz about the struggles of maintaining non-profits like churches on giving alone, and how through the power of disrupting economic norms we can launch a grassroots revolution of justice. 

(Please forgive audio glitches this week- there was an issue in the recording process.)

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On this weeks episode I chat with Pastor Jonathan Williams about his new book "She's My Dad: A Father's Transition and a Son's Redemption". 

Read a NYT Feature on Jonathan and his father Paula here. 

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On this weeks episode, I chat with one of the most influential spiritual leaders in the world today, Matthew Fox. Fox is an episcopal priest, author of over 35 books, and one of the leading voices on combatting climate change from a spiritual perspective. We chat about how Christianity contributed to our current climate crisis and what religion can do to help heal our world. 

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On todays episode, I chat with 2020 Democratic Presidential Hopeful and Renowned Spiritual Teacher Marianne Williamson about what she hopes to bring to our nation if she is to be elected as President. 


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On this episode, my friend author, podcaster, and creativity coach James Prescott joins me in studio all the way from London. We talk about his book "Mosaic of Grace", the creative process, and how each and every one of us has creative potential. 

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In this weeks episode, I chat with New York Time's Best-Selling Author Barbara Brown Taylor about here new book "Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others" and explore how listening and learning from people of different faith perspectives can help enrich our own spiritual lives and journey. 

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In this episode, I talk to one of the world's leading experts in racial reconciliation and my personal mentor Dr. David Anderson. We explore the question of why we should seek to build bridges and I ask what Dr. Anderson has learned being in relationship with me as an LGBT+ Christian. 


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Here we go! I am jumping back into the podcast world. In this short episode, I explain why I am getting back in to podcasting and what exactly the goal of The Patchwork Podcast is.